Singer Arun Singh’s latest Punjabi song ‘Ishqe Di Ramza’ hits YouTube – Watch


New Delhi: The latest Punjabi song of Arun Singh titled ‘Ishqe Di Ramza’ has released on YouTube. The love single started trending with within a few hours of its release. The song has struck a chord with the listeners.

It has garnered over 464,738 views so far. Watch ‘Ishqe Di Ramza’ song here:

 In the wake of the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic, the song was launched on YouTube and other social media platforms worldwide. ‘Ishqe Di Ramza’ happens to be the first Punjabi song of Arun Singh. The song is about two lovers who get separated from one another and start living in different countries, but their memories are still alive in each other’s hearts. 

This track is Arun’s fourth original in a row. His first single, ‘Chhukar Mujhe’, was released in January 2020, and the following month, Jeena Tere Bin was released in February 2020.

“We’re in a new age of music and I’m part of it. I believe that the times are changing and evolving and so is music. Music is not only of one genre, or one instrument. It is a fusion of all forms together to make something good out of it. My music is a melting pot of cultures, mixed with a predominantly modern Bollywood influence, infused with a Western touch, incorporating indie pop, rock, poetry, street music and music of everyday life. I’d like to tell my audience to stay tuned in for my new projects. The best is yet to come and my team and I are working on new and upcoming releases”, said Arun Singh.

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