My writings are usually inspired by my surroundings: TV actor Sourabh Raaj Jain


Mumbai: Filled with motivational, self-written and meaningful quotes and summaries talking about life and more, actor Sourabh Raaj Jain’s Twitter account has been quite an inspirational space for many.

While Sourabh has always had a good flair for writing, his words are mainly inspired by situations and experiences he encounters through his day to day life, which in turn help him to pen down his thoughts in a better manner.

Putting up these personally written quotes on his social media has always been Sourabh’s way of not only sharing his writings with others but also wanting to spread as much positivity, love and good vibes through his words.

When all your love is for those who are haters and all your hate is for those who love….then understand you are one of them….this way or that way…..morning thought 

— Sourabh raaj jain (@saurabhraajjain) August 21, 2020

— Sourabh raaj jain (@saurabhraajjain) July 28, 2020

Person who doesn’t motivate you to be better then what you already are can never be your friend…..Goodevening tweeples

— Sourabh raaj jain (@saurabhraajjain) July 31, 2020

Awaaz honey ka matlab ye nahin ki shor ban jayo…

takat honey ka matlab ye nahin ki vidhwans machao…..morning thought……Goodmorning 

— Sourabh raaj jain (@saurabhraajjain) September 12, 2020

Speaking about what motivates him to write these lovely quotes, Sourabh shares, “It’s always been a habit for me to write down my thoughts since childhood. I feel that writing down what you are feeling definitely helps lighten your heart and mind. My writings are usually inspired by my surroundings. It could be anything happening around me, or even meeting with a person or encountering a certain situation which could inspire me to write down what I have felt about it. The learnings I acquire from my different experiences are what I pen down into quotes or small sayings. It’s been a while now that I have been sharing these personalized writings of mine on twitter, and it gives me immense happiness when I see that I have been able to help people acquire them in good spirit and use them as a source of happiness and inspiration in their day to day lives.”

Sourabh Raaj Jain played the role of Lord Krishna on TV show Mahabharat and received immense love and appreciation for his portrayal on-screen. He also essayed the role of Lord Vishnu on-screen and fans adored him in that part as well.

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