Did woman in Uttar Pradesh really receive Rs 10 crore in her bank account?

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New Delhi: Media reports that a woman in Uttar Pradesh received Rs 10 crore in her bank account fell flat after Zee News probed it. The reports doing rounds on social media stated that a woman named Saroj in Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh had received Rs 10 crore in her Allahabad Bank account, after which she had lodged a complaint with the Police.

Zee News didn’t jump the gun and found out that it was actually a fraudulent transaction of Rs 17 lakh that was reflected in Saroj’s bank account. 

Saroj had then gone to the bank officials to know about her bank balance after which the bank employees had informed her that the account has been restricted to a maximum transaction of Rs 10 crore, which she misheard and thought she has Rs 10 crore in her account. 

She then filed a complaint with the police and the probe in the case began. Saroj who hails from the Rukunpura village in Bansdih said that she had been told by the bank employees that she has Rs 10 crore in her account and that she has no information about that money. 

In the complaint, Saroj said that she had given her bank account details and ATM card to a man named Neelesh Kumar from Kanpur in 2018, who had told her that he will credit some amount of money in her account. 

Further investigation by police revealed that the transaction that reflected in Saroj’s bank account was an illegal transaction. 

The incident goes back to February 2020, when the Faridabad Police had received a complaint about an illegal transaction. The investigation later revealed that the fraudulent money was credited to Saroj’s account. 

Subsequently, the Faridabad Police had directed Allahabad Bank to hold her account, after which the bank had restricted her account’s maximum transaction to Rs 10 crore. 

The bank told Zee News that her account was opened in 2018 which currently has Rs 5,000 and so far there has been a total transaction of Rs 17 lakh. The bank further said that it had restricted her account to Rs 10 crore, and she might have misheard that she has Rs 10 crore in her account.

So, the media reports claiming that the woman received Rs 10 crore in her account is completely false.

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