DNA Exclusive: Social Media chats reveal roots of Delhi riots in 2019 Lok Sabha poll results, anti-CAA protests


New Delhi: You will be surprised to know that the conspiracy for Delhi riots started immediately after the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections were announced, and the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act gave it chance to give it a concrete shape, according to the charge sheet filed by Delhi Police’s Special Cell. 

As you know that riots broke out at many places in north-east Delhi in February this year, in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. On February 22, when the violence erupted, the anger appeared to be against the system, but the riots continued for 4 days, claiming 53 lives and around 600 people were injured. Several dead bodies were retrieved from a nullah, where mutilated bodies were dumped.

When the riots were spreading like a wildfire from February 22 to February 25, Zee News had reported that the violence appeared to be planned violence after its 4-day investigation. 

All this was done under a larger conspiracy to destabilize the elected government at the Centre. The conspirators had designed these riots to embarrass the country on the international forum as the US President was on a visit to India at that time. The timing was already fixed and everything was planned. The messages through WhatsApp groups were spread on mobile phones to gather on the different roads in the capital.

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The script of the Delhi riots was already exposed by Zee News with proofs, but the Delhi Police charge sheet has further revealed the conspiracy. It has made some startling revelations. 

According to the charge sheet, results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections had instigated the conspirators to plan violent demonstrations against the government to create an atmosphere of instability. 

The charge sheet further states that the sole purpose of conspirators was to overthrow the Indian government. The conspirators had chosen the time of US President Donald Trump’s visit to meet their purpose, thereby, killing two birds with one stone. 

During President Donald Trump’s press conference in Delhi on February 25, questions on the Delhi riots were also asked, and it seemed that a part of the media was also working to discredit the nation.

The charge sheet has also mentioned Whatsapp Chats to expose the script of February 2020 violence that was written in December 2019. You may recall that Delhi was witnessing demonstrations in Shaheen Bagh at that time. 

A message from a WhatsApp group, Warriors, on December 29 reads that Muslim women have hit the road – this is a big success. This is a breakthrough. On January 5, 2020, a picture was posted in this group stating women’s revolution against CAA, NPR, and NRC. The picture also mentioned the time and place.

Another Whatsapp group named DPSG was also formed during this period. On February 17, 2020, a person from this group wrote that their protest should be non-violent and cautioned that they should not play with fire. However, violence erupted in Delhi on February 22, proving that there were talks of inciting violence on February 17 itself.

The Delhi riots were triggered through social media, and this medium was used as a weapon to execute the conspiracy. The chare sheet exposed as to how WhatsApp Groups, Facebook posts, and Twitter messages were used to incite the riots.

It also mentions the names of groups like Jamia Coordination Committee, Warrior, Khidmat, Auraton ka Inquilab, Delhi Protest Support Group (DPSG), Save Constitution that were used to trigger the riots in Delhi.

The DNA report will tell you about the chats of Whatsapp Group, Warriors, which was formed on December 27, 2019, by an accused Gulfishan. After forming the group, Gul Hassan wrote that he has created a group. This group will give you information about the plan. 

On December 29, Hassan wrote that “Please try to come a little early tomorrow. Come at 10 in the morning for launching the campaign.” Another message on January 17, 2020, said that all the women should reach the place of protest as the force is increasing and their number is less.

On February 23, 2020, another message was sent at 7.35 am, saying that women were sleeping in Hauzrani, but they woke after hearing about the blockade in Seelampur and started raising slogans in support.

On February 23, another message was forwarded that the historic Bharat Bandh has been started from Jafrabad Seelampur in Delhi. Arrive at Jafrabad in Delhi as the Bharat Bandh will be organised within the Constitutional framework. The BJP government will be made aware of the power of Bahujans.

The most shocking information has come out during the police investigation that the rioters selectively set fire the vehicles. The rioters used the E-Vahan app to ascertain the name of the vehicle owner before setting them on fire in the parking areas. 

E-Vahan is a service provided through the Ministry of Transport to provide you information about the name of the owner of a vehicle. This also provides information about the vehicle owner’s address.

In the Delhi riots, some people were directly responsible for the violence but there were few who played an indirect role, and this included journalists and some leaders from opposition parties.

The “key conspirators” had worked towards the creation of a WhatsApp group to mask the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act with a “secular facade” providing mass-based and more acceptable civil society participation, the charge sheet alleged.

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