Delhi Police busts gang carrying out daring daylight robbery of underground cables


New Delhi: The Delhi Police has arrested a gang from Janakpuri area for stealing wires to the tune of Rs 10 lakh. 

The eight-member gang conducted the robbery in broad daylight, and using a JCB machine. 

The gang excavated an MTNL site in Janakpuri area using a JCB machine and cut the underground cable worth nearly Rs 10 lakh.

They would then take out of copper from inside the cable, and sell that in the market. 

Further to reduce suspicion, the gang had though of a plan so that they could carry out the robbery without raising any doubts. 

Their leader kept a fake letter or a copy of the order from MTNL which allegedly permitted for the excavation to be carried out.

This was done to make sure no one made any inquires about the excavation. 

All the accused wore proper attire, and carried out the operations while following all necessary safety norms.

The leader of this gang, Azharuddin is repeat offender, he has previously committed three similar robbery incidents. 

All the accused arrested are originally from a village named Taran in Bihar. Azharuddin had gathered everyone and included them in the robbery.

The police have recovered Rs 6 lakh worth copper wire from them.

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