Bhutan supports G4’s bid for UNSC reforms


Bhutan’s Prime Minister Lotay Tshering has supported G4 countries’ bid for United Nations security council reforms (UNSC). G4 countries that have been calling for UNSC reforms include India, Germany, Brazil and Japan.

Bhutan’s PM in his speech at the United Nations general assembly said, “Bhutan has also long supported the aspirations of the G4 to serve as Permanent Members to an expanded Security Council, of course, with Africa also appropriately represented.”

Earlier this week Foreign ministers of G4 countries met and called for urgent reforms “to better reflect contemporary realities”.

Bhutan PM also spoke on COVID-19 crisis and how Bhutan dealt with it. He said, “Under direct supervision of our King, we have meticulous surveillance systems in place which includes close monitoring of our international entry points and timely institution of 21 days quarantine.

He added, ”It is mandatory for everyone entering Bhutan to follow the quarantine process which is fully sponsored by the government.” The person also has to go through COVID testing which is done free of cost, he added.

Bhutan reported 261 positive COVID cases, of which 192 have recovered. Mortality from COVID-19 remains zero in the country.

Bhutan that believes in the concept of GNH or Gross National Happiness highlighted the issue of Climate Change with PM Lotay saying, “As a key component of GNH, our visionary monarchs emphasised protection and preservation of our environment. We have the Constitutional mandate to  ensure 60 percent forest cover at all times and to maintain ‘inter-generational equity’ of our natural resources.”

“So today, when the world is dealing with issues of climate change, we are grateful for the wise decisions that kept Bhutan carbon negative,” said Lotay.

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