Exclusive: How Pakistan is supporting anti-India activities at Indo-Nepal border


A latest report prepared by Indian Security agencies has revealed that radical activities are growing at the Indo Nepal border. As per the report, large number of mosques and guest houses at Indo-Nepal near bordering district of Bihar are funded by Pakistan-based organisation named Dawat-e-Islamia and these mosques and guest houses are being used for anti-India activities.

An officer aware of the latest development at Indo-Nepal border told to Zee Media that recently it was found that a two-story guest house has been constructed to accommodate the Dawat-e-Islamia guests coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries.

Report also suggests the estimated cost of the organisation’s project is 1.25 crore, which is funded by Dawat-e-Islamia branches of Pakistan, India and Nepal.

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“The type of foreign-funded madrassas and mosques that have come up in border districts at Rautahat, Parsa, Kapilavastu, Sunsari and Bara are the nerve-centres of anti-Indian forces operating with impunity in Nepal,” said the report.

Pakistan-based terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba is also trying to create a base in Gorakhpur and Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh, targeting regions that are close to the Nepal border.

“Pakistan-backed modules in Nepal living in these bordering districts provide shelter to terrorist which is harm for India.Increasing of islamic activities along indo-nepal border is serious concern for security forces,” said an officer.

Lashkar terrorist Muhammad Umar Madni has been entrusted with the responsibility of expanding its network in the area. Madni was also sent to Kolkata in West Bengal and Darbhanga in Bihar on several occasions for the purpose.

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