When Lata Mangeshkar was given slow poison years ago and she couldn’t sing for 3 months


Lata Mangeshkar

The incident dates back to the Sixties. Today is Lata Mangeshkar’s 91st birthday.

Image Courtesy: Instagram/@lata_mangeshkar

New Delhi: Back in the Sixties, iconic singer Lata Mangeshkar was bed-ridden for almost three months and hence, couldn’t sing as something unexpected happened to her. Veteran Hindi writer Padma Sachdev in her book ‘Aisa Kahan Se Laaoon’ has shared snippets from Lata Mangeshkar’s life. In one of the chapters, she revealed that the singer was given slow poison in 1962. 

Padma Sachdev wrote that the singer told her that when she was 33-years-old, one morning, she had severe pain in her stomach and she vomited twice or thrice. Lata Mangeshkar wasn’t even a condition to move and suffered immense body pain. 

The writer further said that Lata Mangeshkar became extremely weak because of the slow poison. She was on bed rest for three months and could not even sing. She was in pain and was not able to eat properly. She survived on cold soup at that time. 

However, it still remains a mystery on who gave slow poison to Lata Mangeshkar. It is said that after the incident, her cook left the home even without taking his salary. He had worked for some Bollywood personalities earlier too.

Today is Lata Mangeshkar’s 91st birthday. She is India’s most iconic and versatile singer and an inspiration for everyone. 

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