It will secure world economy: Denmark backs India on diversification of global supply chains


Copenhagen: A day after the Indian and Danish Prime Ministers met for the virtual summit, Denmark’s envoy to India, Freddy Svane batted for the diversification of global chain initiative, saying his country is ready for it. 

PM Narendra Modi had spoken about the need for alternate and diversified global supply chains at the summit and cited how India, Japan and Australia are coming together for a supply chain initiative. 

Speaking to WION’s principal diplomatic correspondent, the envoy talked about the Green Strategic partnership and how India’s scale and Denmark’s skills can come together which will be mutually beneficial. 

He also talked about the Kim Davy issue, something that India raised during the India-Denmark virtual summit. 

Freddy Svane said that this was the first virtual summit between India and any European country and that he had a specific agenda — to launch Green strategic partnership. 

“Earlier, PM Modi had made clear that India had the scale, 1.3 billion people, Denmark had the skills. India also has skills. We need a scope. The green strategic partnership is a way of focusing on every kind of cooperation that will improve the situation vis a vis climate change, energy, food processing,” expressed Svane.

He opined, “Denmark has cutting edge skill. India has its own trajectory via signature programmes to change the daily lives of Indian. Programmes like clean tap water, doubling of farmers income, we can play a role. 1.4 billion people, entering into a relationship with Danes. We are proud of that. As PM Modi said, greener partnership of the new age. It will create jobs in India, many Danish companies are ready to invest more in India to secure greener transformation. It is about shaping future–we moving from green, greener and greenest kind of attitude. As PM said at the UN, we need to reform, perform and transform. On Monday, we following that mantra. We are very happy about that.”

Svane stated that we have to take note of that whatever we try to do globally on climate change, nothing will be successful without India being part of it. 

“India has to be part of it. In that context, ISA, which is one of the most important projects launched by Modi Govt is very important for changing the energy mix and secure green mindset is coming to all of us. We are ready to join ISA, our PM gave a commitment on Monday. All preparatory works being done. We are very happy to join. Our experiences across the world, Danes are very good in wind energy, offshore and onshore. We see huge potential for India and the ambitious agenda outlined by Indian govt, we have the tech, money so that India can be a global hub for onshore, offshore and wind energy. We are connecting in the greenway and that is about the future.”

Talking about the coronavirus outbreak, Svane said that the COVID 19 was discussed on Monday and both PMs agreed that we need to find a global solution to the pandemic, it will not be the last one. 

“We all have learnt our lessons and need to be much more resilient in dealing with the crisis. Both called for strong multilateral cooperation in the field. They took note of that, the pandemic had a negative impact on the global economy. In that perspective, we realized that traditional global supply chains are put at risk. And therefore, we need to reduce the risk, countries are keen on that. And naturally, India comes in as an alternative and India has been vocal about that.”

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