PM Narendra Modi slams Congress over farm laws, says burning of tractor `an insult to farmers`


New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday (September 29) launched an attack on the Congress party and said that they have a habit of protesting against every good thing that the BJP government does. PM made this statement in the wake of the ongoing nationwide protest against the farm laws.

PM Modi said that Congress is insulting the farmers by setting fire to the machines and equipment that is worshipped by them.

Speaking on the benefits farm laws, he said, ”Several reforms, related to farmers, labourers & health, were brought during the recently concluded Parliament session. These reforms will strengthen labourers, youth, women, farmers of the nation. But the nation can see how some people are opposing it just for the sake of it.”

”Farmers can now sell their produce to anyone, anywhere. But when centre is giving farmers their rights, these people are opposing it. They don’t want farmers to sell their produce in open market, they want middlemen to earn profit. They’re opposing the freedom of farmers,” he added. 

PM Modi went on to slam opposition and gave an example of opposition’s protest against the Ram Temple and doubting surgical strike. He said that four years ago when the country’s Bravehearts carried out surgical strike and destroyed bases of terror, these people (opposition) were demanding evidence of surgical strike. 

He added that some parties were earlier opposing the construction of the Ram temple and later started opposing the Bhoomipujan. He accused Congress of using protest for just for their political benefits.

He said, ”When the world was celebrating International Yoga Day, under India’s initiative, they were opposing Yoga in India. When Statue of Unity -made after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel- was being unveiled, they were opposing it. None of their tall leaders has visited Statue of Unity so far.”

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PM Modi made these statements while he was addressing the country during the launch f six mega projects in Uttarakhand. 

The six projects launched by PM Modi include the construction of a 68 MLD STP, up-gradation of the existing 27 MLD at Jagjeetpur, in Haridwar and construction of an 18 MLD STP at Sarai, in Haridwar. The inauguration of 68 MLD Jagjeetpur project also marks the completion of the first sewerage project taken up on hybrid annuity mode of PPP. In Rishikesh, a 26 MLD STP at Lakkadghat will be inaugurated.

The logo of Jal Jeevan Mission and ‘Margdarshika for Gram Panchayats and Paani Samitis under Jal Jeevan Mission’ was also unveiled by Prime Minister.

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