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The recent times that we are living in, has taught many people how to make the most of the situation in terms of getting an additional income by sitting at the comfort of their homes. Opportunities of extra earning by investing in the financial market are galore, however one needs to know the right place and get access to correct information.

It is also true that only a good understanding of investment opportunities alone will not help you in the financial market for trading. It is equally important that you understand the process of investing, such as finding an appropriate trading platform that helps you in handling of your trading processes and maintaining the momentum. This is where trading platform like BINOMO comes to your rescue.

What makes BINOMO platform different from other online trading platforms?

BINOMO is a platform for online trading for those who want to earn extra income but with an informed decision. BINOMO practices honesty and transparency in its conduct while it educates the traders on its online or mobile app on how to carry out trading to get profit. On BINOMO online platform you will be sure as to where you are investing, what you are investing and why you are investing. Binomo is a category “A” member of the International Financial Commission, which guarantees the company’s customers quality of service, transparency of relations, and protection from a neutral and independent dispute resolution organization.

What is online trading?

Online trading, as its name suggests, is trading of financial derivatives via an online medium or platform. Traders can do so by simply logging to the online trading portals that opens a vast gamut of services likes trading in equities, currency pairs, and commodities. BINOMO online trading platform is one where you can trade on these financial instruments in an honest and transparent manner.

How to use BINOMO for a hassle-free online trading

Sheer luck does not bring good returns, most of it depends on financial analytics experience. You can achieve good results if you make an informed choice. Although you need not be an expert in finance market to begin online, but with the training tools offered to you by BINOMO, you will surely become a pro at doing so. BINOMO is a user friendly online trading platform. So just create your account on the BINOMO website or in the mobile app and you are good to begin.

Tools, Training and other offers on BINOMO

After signing up on BINOMO, the trader is given access to the BINOMO demo account of USD 1,000. The special free demo account can be updated umpteen times. You can always improve your trading skills on the demo account. When you’re ready, switch to your real account. BINOMO is available on both iOS and Android platform. So now, you can earn money by trading anytime and anywhere with the BINOMO app. Get instant information on deal closings, promotions and tournaments right on your mobile app. You can send a message anytime via chat and get feedback right away.

You just need a minimum account balance of Rs 350 to start making minimum investments. The minimum cost of a trade is also quite low. The trade amount starts at just Rs 70.

There are no restrictions on the platform regarding the number of trades that can be concluded simultaneously. You can open several positions at the same time and continue trading. You trade work on the weekends as well.

So if you too are keen on trying your hands in online trading, just sign up on the Binomo platform by directly logging on to binomo.com or by downloading the Binomo app from Google Play/App Store.

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