Now, earn money while staying at home in pyajamas and watching TV shows, here’s how


Do you want to get paid to watch your favorite TV series from the comfort of your homes? Then you will be happy to know that a British loungewear brand is looking to employ people to do just this.

Loungewear brand Pour Moi is willing to pay as much as EUR 300 to people hired by the company to test out its comfy pyjamas and other clothes. It may sound surprising but the UK-based company is willing to pay to someone to stay at home all day wearing the pyjamas manufactured by the company. An advertisement has been published by Pour Moi seeking to recruit a comfy clothing tester.

If you want to make use of this unique earning opportunity then you have until October 12 to lap up this opportunity.

If you wish to apply, then you must first know about the rules set by the loungewear brand for the new tester. The advertisement by the company says that if you are selected by the company for this role then you will have to: “watch three episodes of your favorite TV show from a sofa/bed,” “enjoy a relaxing glass of wine or delicious hot chocolate snuggled on the sofa,” “make a cup of tea (or other favorite hot drink),” and “scroll through your phone’s social media apps for a minimum of 10 minutes.”

The selected candidate will also have to wear Pour Moi clothing for at least ten hours, and then the candidate will need to fill in a report to receive the money which the company has promised to pay.

According to the rules laid down by the companny, the selected candidate will need to change their clothes from time to time and they must test at least six pieces of loungewear provided by Pour Moi. The company has also said that the selected candidate will also be allowed to keep thereafter. The best part of the deal is that the candidate will not have to publish photographs wearing the clothes on social networks.

Notably, the call for applications will be open until October 12, and the name of the selected candidate will be announced on October 26.

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