DNA Exclusive: Women soft target of cyberbullying, online violence on social media


New Delhi: In a shocking report, about 35 per cent of the women in the world are victims of some or the other kind of cyber violence. The DNA analysis will look into the different aspects of cyber ​​violence against women related to nearly 400 million women around the world. 

According to a report by the United Nations, about 35 per cent of the women in world are victims of some kind of violence and about 60 per cent women have had some kind of violence on social media.

As per a report by Planet International, about 60 per cent of women face some form of violence on social media and because of this, nearly 20 per cent women had to close their social media account.

A survey was conducted among more than 14,000 women from 22 countries, including India. The women surveyed were between 15 and 25 years old.

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As many as 39 per cent of women have incidents of online violence on Facebook, while the number of women who have been victims of violence on Instagram is 23 per cent, the report states. Through messaging app WhatsApp nearly 14 per cent women reported crimes of cyber violence, 10 per cent via Snapchat, 9 per cent on Twitter while 6 per cent on Tik tok.

A survey conducted in Delhi and surrounding cities revealed that violence against women on the Internet increased by 36 per cent. While the punishment rate in cases of online violence has come down from 40 per cent to 25 per cent. That is, if 100 men commit violence against women on social media or Internet, then only 25 of them get punished.

While the rate of punishment in cases of rape with a woman is 27 per cent. That is, the situation of women who are victims of online violence is worse than women who are victims of violence in real life. 

Even if violence took place on a virtual platform, it is just as dangerous as violence in real life. According to a survey by a website called Via sat Savings.Com, due to this cyber bullying, 74 per cent of women on Facebook have had to block someone. On Instagram, twice as many women have ended blocking someone.

You can make your home safe, you can erect high walls around the house, install CCTV cameras but there is not much option to make social media accounts secure. The purpose of social media platforms is to bring you closer to other people.

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