Meet the girl with longest legs in the world, here`s what she wants to become in life


New Delhi: Standing at a height of 6 feet and 10 inches, 17-year-old teenager Maci Currin from Texas, USA has broken not one but two records. She has been confirmed to have the world’s longest legs (female) and the longest legs on a teenager.   

Currin was certified by Guinness World Records as having the world’s longest legs (female) and the longest legs on a teenager.

Her left leg measures 135.267 cm (53.255 in), while her right leg measures 134.3 cm (52.874 in). It actually makes up 60% of her total height. She wanted to go after this record title to inspire tall people everywhere to embrace their height. 


Currin says that she is the tallest in her family and having long legs comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

“I was never bullied for my legs… I was bullied because I was taller than everyone,” she shared. “Around sophomore year I just stopped caring what people thought of me and once I just stopped caring I wasn’t affected by anything.”

Currin first realized she had more than average legs back in 2018, when someone asked her if she wanted a custom pair of leggings as she was unable to find one that fitted her.

In the future she hopes to go to college in the UK and achieve the record for being the world’s tallest professional model.  

The teenager from Cedar Park, Texas knocked Russia’s Ekaterina Lisina off the top spot for the Guinness World Record for longest female legs.

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