US President Donald Trump showing no COVID-19 symptoms, says White House physician


Washington DC: Just days after US President Donald Trump was discharged from the Walter Reed Medical Centeron, he has reported no symptoms of COVID-19 and had a restful night at tthe White House. As confirmed by White House physician Dr Sean Conley.

In a written note, Dr Conley said: “This morning the President`s team of physicians met him in the Residence. He had a restful first night at home, and today he reports no symptoms. Vital signs and physical exam remain stable, with an ambulatory oxygen saturation level of 95 to 97 per cent. Overall he continues to do extremely well, I will provide updates as we know more.”

On Monday, Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he was admitted for treatment of COVID-19, and returned to the White House.

As soon as he reached the White House, Trump took off his mask despite caution from Dr Conley that Trump was not entirely “out of the woods yet”.

“After exiting the presidential helicopter, Trump entered the White House through the Blue Room balcony and walked upstairs from South Portico. He then proceeded to take off his mask and put it in his pocket while he gave a thumbs up to the onlookers from the balcony,” the CNN had reported.

On Thursday, Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Senior White House adviser Stephen Miller has said in a statement that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and that he had been working remotely and self-isolating.

Miller is the latest name in a string of COVID-19 positive cases coming out of the White House which includes First Lady Melania Trump, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, assistant press secretaries Karoline Leavitt and Chad Gilmartin, Trump advisers Hope Hicks and Nicholas Luna.

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