Now, being called Bihari is a matter of pride: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in letter


New Delhi: Ahead of the Bihar Assembly elections, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar pens a letter to the people of the state. The CM has written in this letter that now being called Bihari is not an insult but a matter of pride. 

On Wednesday, the Janata Dal United (JDU) chief said that he got the opportunity to serve Bihar in 2005 and went on to list out his government’s achievements during his 15-year tenure. He also highlighted the work his government will do further if they get elected in this year’s assembly election. 

वर्ष 2005 से मुझे बिहार की सेवा करने का मौका देने हेतु आप सभी का धन्यवाद। हमने जो काम किया वह आपके सामने है। मुझे विश्वास है कि आपके सहयोग और आशीर्वाद से आने वाले दिनों में हम राज्य को विकास की ऊंचाईयों तक पहुंचाते हुए सक्षम एवं स्वावलंबी बिहार बनाएंगे।

— Nitish Kumar (@NitishKumar) October 7, 2020

The JDU president wrote, “I am confident that with your cooperation and blessings, in the days to come, we will make Bihar a capable and self-reliant state by taking it to the heights of development. If we get a chance to serve next time, then we will implement the second phase of the seven decisions. In these decisions, there is a resolve to make youth power skilled, enabling women, providing accessible connectivity to important places as well as providing better health facilities for humans and animals.”

The letter which was posted on microblogging site Twitter read: “We created an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood in the society, the atmosphere of fear was over and paved the way for development in all areas. We have given special attention to the field of education-health. Students, students were given bicycles, clothes, scholarships.” 

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The CM pointed out the development work undertaken by his government, from building roads and bridges to providing electricity and drinking water at homes and better infrasctructrure at hospitals.  

“Better treatment was made in hospitals. Thousands of roads and bridges were built, making it possible to reach Patna even in the most remote areas of the state in six hours. Under the seven principles of developed Bihar, electricity was delivered to every household. Toilet work in every household, connectivity to every hamlet is almost complete. Drinking water in 83 percent of the houses and most of the houses have become paved streets. The goal is almost met, the remaining work will also be completed soon,” the letter further said.

Bihar with 243 assembly seats will go to polls in three phases: October 28, November 3 and November 7. The results will be declared on November 10.

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