Indian Railways may take this decision to upgrade to high-speed potential network


New Delhi: In a step to upgrade the railway network to a high-speed potential, the Indian Railways is planning to take a few big decisions.

As per reports, the track on the golden quadrilateral and diagonals are being upgraded to cater to a speed of 130 km/hr to 160 km/hour. 

The non-AC sleeper coaches will be reportedly replaced by AC coaches for the trains that will be running at a speed of 130 km/hour or above.

“Very minuscule number is being planned only for future trains which would run those sectors having a running speed of 130 km/hour and above,” said Railways. 


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“It will be ensured that while the price of tickets of the modified AC coaches remain very affordable for the passengers, the comfort and conveniences increase manifold and there is a substantial reduction in travel time,” Railways added.

They said that currently only Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Howrah sections are getting geared up for that.

“Travel will be made convenient, faster and more comfortable for many more number of travellers at very very affordably priced tickets,” said Railways.

Notably, the AC coaches are essentially a technical need for trains running on 130-160 km/hour. 

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The wind and weather factors demand that only certain type of coaches can run on higher speed.

A prototype of AC coach at RCF is being made which is likely to be ready in a few weeks. 

Presently, an 83 berth coach is being designed compared to the 72 berth that Railways usually has in AC coaches. As per plans, the Railways is aiming to have 100 coaches this year and 200 by 2021.

The modified AC coaches will come in place of the non-AC coaches in the trains running at 130-160 km/hour and that too because of the technical and comfort necessity. 

This is to be noted that the non-AC coaches will continue to run in trains running at 110 km/hour.

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