When Ranveer Singh confessed Aditya Roy Kapur came in the way of his love life during college days


New Delhi: Actors Ranveer Singh said Aditya Roy Kapur have occupied a spot on the trends list today for an interesting story related to their love lives back in their college days. Aditya is all set to appear on Neha Dhupia’s radio show ‘No Filter Neha 5’ and ahead of the premiere a revelation by Ranveer has taken over the internet.

It was in 2017 that Ranveer, while interacting with Neha on ‘No Filter Neha 2’, had said that his ex-girlfriend in college had broken-up with him “to move onto a certain Aditya Roy Kapur” 

Neha had asked him if Aditya had ever come in the way of his love life and Ranveer replied by saying, “Yeah, he has. He absolutely has”. 

“So, here’s the thing about Aditya. He has always been a hottie. Aditya Roy Kapur was like every girl’s fantasy in junior college and the girl that I was crazy about that time, who is now married with a kid. So, she… I was really like mad about her. It was a good 4-5 years that I was crazy over her. And then, she finally broke up with me. It was in order to move onto a certain Aditya Roy Kapur,” Ranveer told Neha, adding that ‘Malang’ star knows this story.

Now, three years later, Aditya has reacted to Ranveer’s confession and quipped, “Maybe, I didn’t know how he felt,” Mumbai Mirror quoted him as saying.

Aditya added, “Only around eight months after that, did I start seeing her.”

Ranveer Singh is now married to actress Deepika Padukone. They hosted a lavish wedding ceremony in Italy in 2018. 

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