DNA Exclusive: Nikita Tomar killing exposes political parties, `liberal voices` raising women security issues


New Delhi: The broad daylight killing of Nikita Tomar, outside her college in Ballabhgarh, has shaken the entire country. Women are especially agitated and most of them are seeking instant justice for criminals like Tausif. India is a democratic country where Constitution is supreme and criminals also enjoy their basic rights for justice, but the way crime against women is increasing, people are demanding encounter killing of such criminals on the pattern of Hyderabad.

Surprisingly, the leaders who were in a hurry to reach Hathras to expresses their solidarity with the Hathras victim, all of them are yet to take cognisance of the brutal killing of Ballabhgarh girl Nikita Tomar even after two days. Nikita’s house is just 30 to 40 kilometers away from the capital where these top leaders and liberal voices reside.

The DNA report will explain the reason behind this apathy of these leaders and the difference between the incidents of Hathras and Ballabgarh. In the Hathras incident, these leaders had a sudden revelation about the caste of the victim that suited their political interest, but in Nikita’s gruesome killing, the religion of the accused silences them as if this would hit their secular credentials. 

Congress President Sonia Gandhi is silent, her son Rahul Gandhi is silent, and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also maintained a tactical silence. Among others who have been vocal on such issues, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s party, left parties, Dalit thinkers, and ‘urban Naxal’ gangs are yet to come out to condemn this broad daylight murder. 

Women’s population in India is around 65 crore and of these 42 crores are below 35 years of age, but when these 42 crore women go out of their homes, their parents keep their fingers crossed till they safely return back. Most women grow up with this fear and they generally live with this scare in their entire life. 

The same was with Nikita and her parents, who were scared of Tausif and his family. This fear perhaps became the biggest mistake of Nikita’s family. Tausif and his friend Rehan have been arrested, but Nikita’s family is broken. Their daughter, who dreamt of becoming an IAS officer, is no more in this world. 

Initial investigation into the murder has revealed that Tausif has been harassing Nikita for a long time. His courage was increased because he comes from a powerful political family, and this encouraged him to go ahead to serve his motive. His family hails from the Mewat region, which in the recent few years has emerged as the biggest center of crime as well as radical Islam in India. 

Tausif is not only accused of killing Nikita, but the girl’s family also says that he was constantly putting pressure on her to convert into Islam to marry him. Zee News on Tuesday had talked to Nikita’s father as well as her brother. Both had mentioned the issue of conversion and stated the fear of Tausif’s powerful political family. They also added that they wanted to move out of Faridabad. Nikita’s mother today also repeated the same allegations against the Tausif’s family, and how they were living under the shadow of fear for the past many years.

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It may be noted that Tausif’s grandfather Chaudhary Kabir Ahmed was a Congress MLA from Nuh in 1975, and he was also won Tawadu Assembly seat in Haryana on Congress ticket in 1982. Chaudhary Kabir Ahmed has six sons- Khurshid Ahmed, Iqbal, Zakir Hussain, Javed, Farooq and Gandhi. Tausif, accused of killing Nikita, is the son of Zakir Hussain.

Tausif’s uncle Chaudhary Khurshid Ahmad has also been a prominent Congress leader. In 1962, he became an MLA on Congress ticket in United Punjab, after that he won elections several times, and thrice remained a minister in the Congress government of Haryana. In the year 1988, Khurshid Ahmed was also won the Lok Sabha election but died in February this year. 

Khurshid Ahmed’s son Chaudhary Aftab Ahmed is Tausif’s cousin. Aftab Ahmed is currently a Congress MLA from Nuh. Aftab Ahmed’s website shows his father Khurshid Ahmed’s closeness to former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Aftab himself is close to the Gandhi family and his photographs with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi state this through his social media accounts.

Tausif’s uncle, Javed Ahmed, also contested the Haryana Legislative Assembly elections last year from Sohna seat on the BSP ticket but he lost. All these details are enough to state the secret of the silence of big Congress leaders.

Tausif’s uncle Javed Ahmad spoke to Zee News today and expressed his sympathy with the victim’s family, but avoided questions on alleged love jihad citing his regard for all the religions.

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