UP teen kills father in fit of rage, watches crime shows on TV to destroy evidence


Mathura: A teenager from Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura killed his father and destroyed all evidence taking cues from television crime serials.

When the 17-year-old boy was arrested on Wednesday, the police checked his mobile phone and found that he had watched the `Crime Patrol` series over a 100 times.

According to reports, the boy killed his father Manoj Mishra, 42, on May 2. The boy hit his father on his head with an iron rod when the latter scolded him and after he fainted, the teenager strangled his father with a piece of cloth.

The boy then, with the help of his mother, carried the body to a forest area about five kilometres away and burnt it with petrol and a toilet cleaner to destroy the identity.

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On May 3, police found the partially burnt body that remained unidentified for almost three weeks as no missing person report was filed in any police station.

The family eventually lodged a missing person complaint on May 27 after Manoj Mishra’s offcie put pressure on them. Mishra worked at ISKCON as a donation collector.

Some of his colleagues identified that the body was of Manoj from his spectacles. The victim`s colleagues at ISKCON said that they did not doubt his prolonged absence since Manoj often used to travel to preach Bhagavad Gita.

Mathura Superintendent of Police (city) Udai Shanker Singh said that whenever police called Manoj`s son for questioning, he would evade coming and would instead ask the police under what provisions of the law they were trying to interrogate him.

However, when police checked his mobile phone, they found a history of the boy watching Crime Patrol episodes at least 100 times. Police said after several rounds of questioning, the boy finally broke down and admitted to his crime.

The police arrested the boy and his mother Sangeeta Mishra, 39. They have been booked for murder and destroying evidence. The 11-year-old sister of the accused has been handed over to the grandparents.

(With inputs from IANS)

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