Chhath Geet 2020: Listen to ‘Jug Jug Pooji Ahina Thaadh’ song in Maithili!


New Delhi: As the nation celebrates Chhath Puja 2020 with much fervour and reverence, the festivity has been under the shadow of COVID-19 looming large. All the festivals this year have been low key due to the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic.

On this auspicious occasion of Chhath Puja, several celebrities and singers release their devotional songs. Similarly, a new track by singer Kavita Seth has been released. It captures the essence of the festival and has beautifully juxtaposed it with the anxiety of the pandemic.

The song ‘Jug Jug Pooji Ahina Thaadh’, dedicated to the four-day-long festival of worshipping the Sun God and his consort Usha and Pratusha (Chhathi Maiya), is sung by ‘Iktara’ fame singer Kavita Seth.

Watch ‘Jug Jug Pooji Ahina Thaadh’ here:

The video originally posted on YouTube by Shila Devi Films (SDF) on November 14, 2020, has once again found its way to people’s hearts as many observe Shashthi today.

The song received a warm response on social media. Several Twitter users reacted after listening to the devotional Chhath Geet.

Seth’s dulcet tones in Maithili gives us a glimpse into this widely significant festival celebrated predominantly in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, and the Madhesh (southern) region of Nepal.

Before bidding adieu to Chhathi Maiya tomorrow, this song will unquestionably resonate with everyone seeking hope in these difficult times.

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