Kevin Pietersen Inside the IPL Bubble: IPL 2020


The year 2020 has been unlike any other year, and that’s not in a very jolly sense. It pushed everything down, forcing them to start over from the beginning. But as the proverb goes – the show must go on… and it did.

Arguably, one of the most popular sports events in the world and definitely in its grandiose façade – IPL did run amidst the pandemic. That being said, the venue for the IPL 2020 was shifted out of the country, the stadiums were empty, and the show was figuratively bubble-wrapped, or that’s how Kevin Pietersen puts it.

A former cricketer and now a commentator, Kevin Pietersen makes a video from The Oberoi in Dubai showing how the IPL machinery is running in 2020.

Video filmed via Betway

Kevin says, ‘everyone is in a bubble. The players are in a bubble. The commentators are in bubble…’. He also goes on saying how he was tested several times in a week, and how they are only allowed to ‘hang out’ with each other.

Kevin emphasises on staying healthy and also shares his daily schedule. He wakes up at 9 o’clock in the morning and starts his day with some coffee. After spending an hour or so on social media, Kevin starts some cardio exercises. Once done, he has a pool session where he soaks up some Vitamin D by the poolside. That’s how his day begins at The Oberoi in Dubai covering the IPL 2020.

At 13:00 hours, Kevin goes for the routine COVID test, and once done with the process, he gets ready to hit the ground. Not with a bat this time. At 14:30 hours, Kevin leaves his hotel room, but before that he ensures his ‘kit bag’ has everything, foremost the microphone.

Kevin Pietersen, also affectionately known as Kev or KP, reports from the pitch at 17:00. He talks about the ‘sixes and fours, and who’s going to win, and what are they going to do when they win the toss.’ But that’s just the beginning of a spell, which is closely followed by the commentary run.

The match overs end at around 9 pm and then starts the post-match shows – the analysis, and the pundit’s observations. After everything, Kev wraps it up by 10:30 pm and heads home, the hotel room in this case. KP’s story or the video diary has the undertone of how the spirit of the game has kept everyone going during the hard times of pandemic.

Despite the show being inside a bubble, Kevin Pietersen tells how much he enjoys every moment he spends covering the IPL 2020, a grand show in itself. In his video diary or vlog, he ends on a very hearty tone before he calls it a day.

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