NASA tweeted Pratima Roy’s picture and revealed the complicated science-religion relationship

On July 11, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shared a picture on Twitter promoting its internship programme. The tweet had four pictures featuring successful interns from before. One of the pictures was of an Indian-American Pratima Roy.

While the rest of the three pictures didn’t create any controversy, Roy’s photograph divided Twitter into two groups. The reason behind it was the idols and images of Hindu gods and goddesses visible in Roy’s background.

Today’s the day: applications for fall NASA internships are due!

Are you ready? Visit @NASAInterns and apply at:

— NASA (@NASA) July 9, 2021

One group believed that a top-notch science institution like NASA shouldn’t allow any kind of religion and related symbols to exist in the vicinity.

This is what they said:

NASA is this some joke???

— Ayyuuusssshhhhh (@Saguraocacti) July 10, 2021

The 4th one research subject would be how the bigot Ram was using pushpak viman(mythical plane) to reach cross 7 seas, etc. ?

— Thaiyaan (@thaiyaan) July 11, 2021

After seeing this we said;

Science ka Naash kar diya NASA ne.

— Mission Ambedkar (@MissionAmbedkar) July 11, 2021

The other set of people countered this idealogy:

Great to see that Goddess Saraswati has blessed them with knowledge. Can’t wait to see their bright future 

— Abhi and Niyu (@abhiandniyu) July 11, 2021

Congratulations bharat ki beti .

And it is a so powerful picture as it is depicting 2 symbols:-

1) Ind is a country where Spirituality reaches Science.

2) Bindi & long black hairs are the major part of Indian women.

Approbate NASA for proudly showing it .

— Debarupa (@ipalitDebarupa) July 11, 2021

Mocking someone for her /his faith.. you all are better than this..

she is good at her job..and made India proud finally that’s what matters.

— Nisar Mirza  (@Mirzaraja14) July 11, 2021

Though there were counter arguments for every comment, the question remains the same: does a person’s faith interfere in their ability to perform at the highest stage involving science?

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