Secure your future with India Post: Get Rs 3300 pension by investing Rs 50,000


New Delhi: India Post offers a slew of investment options offering impressive returns along with safety on investments. For investors planning to secure their future, India Post offers a monthly income scheme (MIS) which ensures a regular pension after investing a lump sum amount. India Post also offers maturity benefits in the MIS scheme. 

Post Office MIS scheme 

The Post Office MIS scheme allows investors to invest their savings in multiples of Rs 1000 or Rs 100. However, one needs to invest a minimum of Rs 1000 in the scheme while investors can invest a maximum of Rs 1000 in the MIS plan.  

India Post allows up to three investors to open a joint account in the MIS plan. However, the maximum money that investors can invest in a joint account under the MIS scheme is Rs 9 lakh. 

Currently, India Post is offering a 6.6% annual interest on the MIS plan. Notably, investors get a simple interest in the plan, instead of the compound interest, which could be a major drawback of the investment scheme. 

How to receive a Rs 3300 pension by investing just Rs 50 thousand? 

For receiving an annual pension of Rs 3300, investors need to deposit Rs 50 thousand in the MIS plan offered by India Post. In total, investors get Rs 16,500 interest over the span of five years in MIS. 

Investors will get a monthly pension of Rs 550 per month if they invest Rs 1 lakh in the scheme. On a similar amount, investors can get Rs 6600 every year or Rs 33000 in five years. Also Read: Google swipes left on ‘Sugar Dating’ apps, will uninstall them from Play Store by Sept 1

For a monthly pension of Rs 2475 monthly or Rs 29700 annually, investors will need to invest Rs 4.5 lakhs in this scheme. Also Read: Maharashtra FDA issues notices to Amazon, Flipkart for selling pregnancy termination pills

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