Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh seen in Bigg Boss 15 house, fans share screenshots


NEW DELHI: Bollywood’s item girl and motormouth Rakhi Sawant is back in the Bigg Boss house as the latest wild card entry. Rakhi, who appeared as a contestant in Bigg Boss 1, was one of the most talked-about celebrities of that season. Her tiffs with Kashmera Shah and Amit Sadh are still sharp in the memory of many viewers. 

Rakhi Sawant entered the show once again as a ‘challenger’ in season 14. However, this time, she was totally unstoppable and set the house on the storm with her antiques. She bagged a lot of attention after she pulled the string of Abhinav Shukla shorts in one of the episodes, which even led to host Salman Khan giving her a stern warning and asking to remain within her limits. 

Now, come this year, and Rakhi is back in the Bigg Boss house. But this time Rakhi’s husband Ritesh is also likely to have made it to the show. At least the promo of the show promised it. Now, fans have found screenshots of the new entry on the live feed.

One of the fans shared a picture and wrote, “You know what? When it comes to Rakhi, we’re not sure whether or not this guy is the Real Ritesh, the husband of Rakhi. This is what she is – The Rakhi Entertainment Sawant.”

#RakhiSawant‘s so called husband #Ritesh in the house pic.twitter.com/nPHAIntW5h

— The Khabri (@TheRealKhabri) November 25, 2021

For the unversed, Rakhi has until now kept the identity of her husband a big secret and hasn’t shared even a single photo with him. However, she has been talking about her husband Ritesh since 2019 and has made claims that he is a wealthy businessman and settled in the UK. 

Several contestants and a section of the audience have raised their doubts over Ritesh’s existence. In one of the episodes when a press conference was held inside the BB14 house, a journalist grilled Rakhi if she had been using her marriage to fool people and to remain in limelight, it was then the actress revealed that she had not met him for a year and a half. 

On the contrary, comedienne Bharti Singh had earlier quashed rumours of Rakhi faking her marriage and said: ‘Ritesh exists and she has seen him on a video call.’ The comedian is the first person other than Rakhi and her family who has confirmed that the popular actress is married and her husband doesn’t want to reveal himself to the world. This is surprising because many friends including Rahul Mahajan have said in the past that Rakhi has been faking her marriage and there’s no Ritesh outside. 

Well, Bigg Boss 15 episode featuring Ritesh will air either today or Saturday. 

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